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Mahaphon Clang

Lautstark!4 & Ramesh Shotham

Duo Vokal Experimental

two singers - one band


mentale Aggregatzustände

The F-Orkestra

orchestra for improvised music

Duo Vokal Experimental

Agnes Ponizil and Jan F. Kurth form the Duo Vokal Experimental . They are two singers working in the field of contemporary music, experimental Jazz and many other things with virtuosity and playfulness. Together they create an unheard-of music, put pop next to odd and chase each other through breckneck sound cascades.
Besides their appearances as a duo they are wanted at interdisciplinary performance or opera projects as composers and performers. A band, two singers; songs, chants, noise, talks, squeaks – totally vocal. Zeitenwandel - Duo Vokal Experimental by Jan F. Kurth